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Folders in App Drawer

Drag app icon over another app icon to create a folder - in the app drawer. See GoLauncher for example.

I haven't seen it here, so I had to post it.

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    Tonio shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Bogdan Potapenko commented  · 

        I'm confused, is there any trebuchet developer around there?
        This suggestion is on the top second place for more then 3 years and there is still no solution!
        Q: How to group apps in trebuchet launcher in apps drawer?
        A: Oh, it is easy! Just use another launcher!

      • pissyoldtramp commented  · 

        35 months later and I'm still lost in my app draw.

      • Pete commented  · 

        This is definitely the most important RFE imho. I'll keep an eye in this and turn to my previous Nova Launcher Premium until it is implemented.

      • Mikko Saarinen commented  · 

        Hi guys. 2014 and still there seems to be no way to manage the app drawer besides the auto sort options =( Didn't even find a way to arrange the icons manually!

      • Mela Eckenfels commented  · 

        Can't believe there are no folders. Is this 2011?

      • harvest316 commented  · 

        The only thing that's really missing in trebuchet!

      • Igor commented  · 

        I have installed over 200 apps and this is too hard to find some needed of theb without sorting by folders as in TouchWiz or GoLauncher. Please, consider to implemenet folders in app list screen.

      • RPM commented  · 

        This is a deal breaker for me. Considering dumping cyanogen and going back to touchwiz because of this...

      • Slobodan commented  · 

        I think this feature have most votes when you see how many same or very similar request we have here for apps grouping, folders in the drawer etc.

      • Armas commented  · 

        Think it would need some sort of "customisation mode", so that it doesn't minimise the app drawer every time you drag an app. Would be great if you could enter this mode, and re-arrange/group your icons, maybe even drag them to a different, custom tab ;)

      • Khurram Majeed commented  · 

        It will be epic if we can create custom Tabs..i.e Instead of creating Games folder I can create Games Tab with all games..

      • Mario commented  · 

        Insted folders maybe should be tabs

      • DannyDroid commented  · 

        I would very much like this too. The one thing I really miss from any other Launcher.

      • Andrew Lewis commented  · 

        agreed on this one.. would be nice to tidy the drawer up

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